Small Business


a year

For all your small business website needs and Google Apps for 5 employees.

Comes with: 8GB monthly data transfer, 300MB disc space, 1 database, 5 Google Apps.

Medium Business


a year

For sites with busier traffic, more storage and Google Apps for 10 employees.

Comes with: 15GB monthly data transfer, 500MB disc space, 2 databases, 10 Google Apps.



a year

For larger business sites, lots of storage and Google Apps for 20 employees.

Comes with: 37GB monthly data transfer, 1000MB disc space, 2 databases, 20 Google Apps.

Fully managed hosting for your bigger business site

These packages give you all the hosting, web storage and Google Apps you need to get you and your employees working online securely and efficiently, without having to put in any effort.

Because everything we do is hosted 'in the cloud' it also means you or your employees can work remotely – additionally we can even get you set up with online accounting software and an integrated CRM.

Who is it for? Small businesses and small organisations who have more than 3 employees, or premises at different locations.

What kind of site is it for? This is ideal for sites with regular traffic. They could be sites running on content management systems such as Wordpress, Joomla or Drupal.

What do you get? We set you up and give you ongoing support.

We will help you build the perfect package.

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