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Hosting in the cloud

Cloud hosting is the latest and best way to make sure your web site data stays secure and live 24/7.

We setup, manage and look after every aspect on your behalf.

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We get your web site on the Internet

The cloud is the new 'server room in the back office'. There are several very good reasons for using our cloud hosting:

  • Instant limitless scalability of resources.
  • Self healing if any hardware failures.
  • Enterprise level uptime; at least 99.9%
  • Off-site backups.
  • Premium providers used for networks and connectivity.
  • Full server management is included, we make sure you are secure and up to date.

The benefits of our hosting

We take away the rigmarole of sorting out your web hosting by bundling all the technicalities together so you get:

  • Fully managed and optimised cloud servers.
  • Fast and reliable web hosting.
  • One neat package.
  • An annual invoice for hosting, email and support.
  • Domains invoice control.
  • Powered by 100% certified, renewable green energy from hydroelectric power plants.
  • Our support team at your beck and call.

We can do everything on your behalf and help you

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