The Memet Family


With 5 children aged between 8 and 16, and with disagreements over usage of the 2 existing shared laptops, plus the need for homework to be increasingly done with computers, we advised getting the new Samsung Chromebooks.

We setup a Google Apps account, and users for all the family, as well as setting up each Chromebook ready to go for Christmas!

"What can we say, the kids love them and use them all the time, plus no arguments! They work really well and look smart too, especially for the money, compared to other solutions they are relatively cost effective. Having Google Apps for every family member too means we can share calendars and get more organised this year!"

Alin & Kate Memet


Google Apps accounts for 7 family members.


Setup of 5 Samsung Chrome Books for the children.


Ongoing for Google Apps users, installs and sync to new devices.

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