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Excellent news! So how do you do this?

The simple way is to contact us, and we will look after every aspect on your behalf.

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Before we start

There are some things you need to do and unfortunately they are different for each registrar.

Make sure (AND THIS IS VERY, VERY IMPORTANT) that the domains admin contact is you. It doesn't matter what email address you use as long as you have access to it. We cannot stress how important this is.

Registering with us

Before we begin these processes, to speed things up we'll get you signed up now. If you're signed up already, well done! Just skip over this.

Head over to

In the top right click the Login / Signup button


On the next page push the 'Create an account in 10 seconds' button


Simply fill in the form and follow on screen/emailed instructions and you're done.

Moving a

You will now need to change your IPS tag to our tag. In your control panel for your current domain registrar you will need to find this and change it to PDR-IN. If you can't find this you can always email your current registrar for support or even get them to change it for you.

For examples sake on 123-reg you can find this option as shown below:


Moving another type of domain?

You'll need to go to your current domain registrar control panel.

Next look for the option to unlock your domain. Go into here and unlock it.

Next you'll want to find the option to request your auth code. This again will be emailed to the admin contact so it is imperative you get this changed to you. You'll need this code next.

For all domains

Point your browser at and login by clicking the link in the top right of the page.

Once logged in go the black menu bar, hover over domains and the menu will open. You're after the transfer your domain option in the second column


Pop in your domain name on the form and change the select box to the domain type you are moving then hit transfer.

For a .com you may be asked for the auth code we got earlier. If asked, put it in.

Struggling to transfer your domain name?

We are here to help, simply

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