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Cloud hosting is the latest and best way to make sure your web site data stays secure and live 24/7.

We setup, manage and look after every aspect on your behalf.

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It's not like the old days

In the old days, before cloud hosting came along, we kept our data on a server or a set of servers somewhere in an office or a cupboard. It was always very important that those servers were kept running and kept safe. If they failed then you lost your data, or if you need more resources or hardware upgrades your site would go down whilst you did it. It was a risky business.

Cloud Hosting and Virtual Private Servers are now set to phase out the old system. So the good news is you can focus more time, money and effort on your website, rather than worrying about how disaster-proof your servers are.

How does cloud hosting work?

Cloud hosting allows you to scale your website up or down without having to switch any hardware around.

A cloud, or a platform is made up of multiple servers that are all linked together. This balances the load, gives you more capacity to grow and eliminates the possibility of having a single point of failure.

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